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Ranch Raised Beef

From our pastures to your freezers.

Did you know that when you buy beef from most supermarkets, the display cases
contain meat from literally hundreds of animals? For instance, the ground beef at
your local grocery store likely comes from a massive processing plant where
trimmings are heated, centrifuged, and treated with ammonium hydroxide. The
meat is pressed into large batches, which get mixed and ground into small
packages that are gas flushed and sent to your supermarket shelves. You could be
eating beef from the United States, Canada, Mexico, or a mixture of all three!

When you purchase Double H&C beef, you are buying the meat of ONE steer.
Your animal was born and raised on our ranch free of hormones and antibiotics in
a sustainable and humane manner. We truly care about the welfare of each and
every animal. You will always have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are
feeding your family and where your food comes from.

Support local farms and businesses, try some 100% American made, Double H&C
beef today!

From Pasture to Freezer: How does it work?

  • We sell you the live steer by the pound and will deliver it to one of the local butchers we work with.
  • The butcher will custom cut the meat to your specifications and you can pick up directly from the butcher and pay them directly for their services.
  • Our steers usually average 1250# live weight which produces about 500# of meat, which fills a normal residential freezer.

Grain finished beef available now.

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